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“Our business and personal life should be an inspiring and exciting lifelong adventure”

Red Quill Solutions (RQS) is a Consulting and Executive Coaching company focusing on mid-market businesses in the $5-100 million dollar revenue range.  As owners, investors and operators of some of the top hospitality companies in varied segments, we bring our passion for all things Hospitality to partner with our clients.  We help our clients explore their deepest and best core values to help them envision a business and personal life they didn’t think possible before.  We then, help them to build the execution and continuity to get there.

As a consultant, RQS focuses on providing high impact solutions for executive and leadership teams looking to develop and execute on an inspired purpose and strategy.  We are experts at bringing the best out of your team, helping them to find and understand your core ideology and bring your team and company to places you may have not thought possible.

As a coach, we help clients to create their ideal success profile by focusing on personal development to become the best person and leader they can be.  Find clarity, learn about self-sabotaging behavior, make better decisions and find and execute on your balance and dreams.

High Impact Events


Create an Inspiring Annual Plan that ignites both the tactical and emotional sides of your team. Our facilitation skills draw out creative thinking and allow you to participate. Our proven Business Planning Playbook and Quarterly Business Planning Playbook will align your team to Vision, Strategy, Execution, Culture, Accountability, Process and Profit.


Do your leaders and teams deliver predictable and consistent results? As you grow, things get complex quickly and it is increasingly difficult to accomplish all that is needed. Have your team learn to effectively communicate, elevate, delegate, inspire and hold accountable. Building these skills and vernacular together brings a new level of trust and team accountability.


The culture you have was built by you and your team. Without a proven and clear culture, new employees bring their last culture with them, diluting yours. Co-Create your ideal culture with us. Our proven Culture Building Playbook will have your team in the same boat, rowing in the same direction as a unified team of high integrity and high purpose all stars.


Does your business ENHANCE your life satisfaction? Do you want more from your business or your life? It is possible. Top performers in many fields are surrounded by support systems and coaches. People to push them to be the best in all areas of their life.


We know certain areas of our company need focus ON our business, to bring our business or team to the next level. We can provide you with Fractional COO services to help train you and your team to grow and drive your business to the next level while your team is still focused IN the business with your customers.


Coming soon – Leaders in different sectors of Hospitality will be able to learn and collaborate together to increase their Leadership Toolbox.


Greg and Michelle Karl were recently awarded the Young Presidents Organization’s International Award for “Best Retreat” bringing 60+ CEO’s to the desert of Utah for a custom, private glamping and “Burning Man” style retreat.  As CEOs and Executives, we are “The Man” along with the ego and persona that comes along with it.  At this customized, three day program, individuals were encouraged to “burn” down their ego/persona and build up the vision of the man or woman that they want to truly become in their lives.  Through private messages from family and friends, art, adventure and music, the Executives transformed.  And of course, there were amazing culinary and event experiences along the way!

Recent Awards, Recognition, Speaking Engagements

  • International Award for Best Retreat, Young Presidents Organization (YPO)
  • Meetings Industry Council (MIC), Denver Leader of the Year Finalist
  • Denver Business Journal, 40 Under Forty Business Leader
  • International Caterers Association, 6 Year Board Member
  • Leading Caterers of America, Principle Member and Committee Member since inception
  • Numerous company and team awards with Epicurean Group
  • Board Member – The Adoption Exchange, Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver
  • Public Speaking/Featured Articles
  • Catersource – Catering Industry Conference & Magazine
  • Hosts Global International Conference – Belfast, Ireland and New Orleans
  • Hosts Global Best Practices Conference – Denver
  • ALSD – Association of Luxury Suite Directors Conference
  • PCMA – Professional Convention Management Association Conference
  • MPI – Meeting Planners International Conference

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When Our Truth is Silenced

When Our Truth is Silenced

Running has been a part of my morning routine for years.  Strangely, the earlier the better.  I love it, it is pitch black, it is quiet.  My husband knows this and has bought me reflective gloves, hats, and lights. I will wear none of them and so yesterday, when a car almost hit me, I was not surprised.  In the dark, I blend in.  On the quiet empty streets nobody expects me.  My feet make no noise.  How would anyone notice I am there?

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Do You Own Your Own Wake?

Do You Own Your Own Wake?

I love using this video clip as a leadership metaphor. Rodney Dangerfield is a typical visionary leader. He gets excited about something, and rushes full speed ahead, pushing the captain (the guy who actually knows what he is doing on the boat/organization) out of the way to steer.

When a boat is cruising through the harbor, it produces a huge wake that gets everyone to get out of his way. Long after the boat has past, the wake still remains, tossing and turning boats, docks, swimmers, etc.

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Do You Have The Right Tools In Your Professional Toolbox?

Do You Have The Right Tools In Your Professional Toolbox?

Every tradesperson has a toolbox full of tools they need to do their jobs accurately and efficiently.  They are trained to use these tools through years of apprenticeship, on the job training or schooling.  They continually sharpen and hone their tools for best efficiency and edge.  As they grow in their craft, they get new and more efficient technology, throwing away their old tools.

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