Do You Have The Right Tools In Your Professional Toolbox?


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By Greg Karl of Red Quill Hospitality Solutions


Every tradesperson has a toolbox full of tools they need to do their jobs accurately and efficiently.  They are trained to use these tools through years of apprenticeship, on the job training or schooling.  They continually sharpen and hone their tools for best efficiency and edge.  As they grow in their craft, they get new and more efficient technology, throwing away their old tools.

 As leaders, we are often given positions because of the good work we have done in the past and a vision for our future.  And, what got us “here” isn’t all we need to get us “there”.  We too need a box of fine instruments and tools to use to motivate, lead, inspire, hold accountable, teach, build trust, delegate and give confidence.

 What tools do you have in your toolbox?  Which new tools do you need to develop?  Which tools do you need to hone and sharpen to succeed in 2019?  Which old habits and beliefs do you need to throw away?  What tools will you develop in those you lead?  What tools should define a successful leader or manager in your company?  What is your plan for development?

Join my Catersource session, Best Strategy – Best Year, on February 25 to take a deeper look at your toolbox and the upgrades you can make.

Greg Karl is the owner and strategist of Red Quill Hospitality Solutions and an industry veteran. At RQS, we help Hospitality owners, leaders and leadership teams find their deeper core, take them to places they didn’t know possible and better enjoy the process along the way. Red Quill Solutions is dedicated to helping companies create inspired vision and strategy that leads to lasting, positive change.

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