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We offer High Impact Solutions to push you and your business to places you didn’t know possible.

Business Operating System Implementation


We are experienced and trained in implementing Business Operating Systems (OS) such as EOS Traction and Scaling Up!/Mastering the Rockefeller Habits as well as our own Operating System – High Impact Hospitality Solutions (HIHS) which builds on the above OS with additional, hospitality and accountability tools that we have learned and developed. What is an OS? Without an operating system for your company, your organization can’t function to its potential. Businesses that run a dependable operating system seem to run themselves. Business that don’t feel like they are out of control – no one is on the same page, employees are rowing in all directions, the same problems keep popping back up, and there is inefficiency, chaos, drama.

If you struggle to get your business under control, it’s time to consider a business operation system. At RQS, we first listen to where you want to go and what your issues are. We then propose a custom solution to your team, then partner with you and your team to strategize and implement an inspired solution to take your company to new heights.

The Business Operating System program includes all of the solutions discussed below – Visioning, Strategy, Execution, Culture and Coaching, or you may only want or need only a few of these areas to become your best company.

Reach out for a free hour of consulting to see if our values and solutions match and where we might be able to help you.


“Leaders severely overestimate what they can DO in one year, and severely underestimate what they can BECOME in ten years.”

-Bill Gates

Visioning & Values

Inspired Vision

An Inspired Vision is a detailed and compelling story of where you want your business to go in the future. Your North Star, your BHAG. It is important because it sets a tone for your entire company to rally behind and be excited about for years to come.

The Why

“People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.”

– Simon Sinek

Your ‘Why”, your Purpose is another key in creating a lasting brand that your customers and employees champion to all ends of the earth. You have to believe in and talk to your people about something much deeper than your product or service. Believe in something that makes a difference to them every day if you want them to bring their best and do their best and feel that you’ve given them the opportunity to do the best work they’ve ever done.

Happy, Inspired and Challenged Employees = Happy Customers

Core Values and Core Behaviors

Core Values are your fundamental beliefs. How you built the business, what you believe in as lasting and guiding principles for your team to follow. Your Core allows your team to know and understand the difference between right and wrong, are they on the right path and fulfilling the vision and purpose. At RQS, we have found the benefit in bringing this one step further – turning those Core Values into Core Behaviors. How do your values look, act and behave in your everyday business? This helps build corporate character in hiring, leading, accountability, mentoring, managing, coaching and even termination in your company.

A strong vision and core helps you hire and retain the right people, in the right seats, to get you there. It allows you to plan for your own future and that of your Leadership Team.

Ask about our fun and inspiring program to help you and your team build an inspired vision of your future.

Strategy, Implementation & Execution


You now know exactly what you want your company to become. You have a strong and compelling Vision of your future, you understand the bigger Why and you have a set of Core beliefs and behaviors that are clear and guiding you.

Now how the hell are you going to get there? Give yourself and your team a top of the line, crystal clear compass and map to follow? This is your strategy. A clear guideline of Corporate, Departmental and Individual 3 year, 1 year and quarterly goals. Get the right, high-performing team, in one high-performing boat, all rowing in the same direction toward that vision. Unstoppable!

Implementation & Execution 

The biggest challenges of leadership are maintaining the daily skills of implementation and execution to reach your goals.

“If management and leadership were easy, everyone would be doing it.” And, what an honor and privilege it is be a leader. At RQS, we teach Leaders and Managers how to get things done, how to inspire, how to hold accountable, how to work without drama, how to hold less great meetings. It is possible to get more done in less time, have fun doing it and find balance along the way.

Call us for a free consultation to see how we can help your team become world class at getting stuff done, with less drama and more fun. Your best strategy = your best year!


“The Culture you have, you created.  Your current Culture can equally enhance or limit your Strategy and Satisfaction in your business.”

– Greg Karl


Culture Building

“For over 25 years, it has been our privilege to be an intimate part of so many peoples most important life events.  Whether a wedding, mitzvah, holiday party, fundraiser, date night out, or corporate hospitality suite your event ties you to people and relationships that are important to you.  We take that responsibility seriously.”

Does your Culture need a tweak, an enhancement or a reboot?  Do you have a great Culture that you want to memorialize and train to have an even greater impact?

Through our years in business and community service we have been a part of Culture that was good, great, bad and…meh.  We have had the amazing experience of building excellent and lasting Culture that has transformed organizations as well.

It has been our privilege to study, work with and implement Culture Programs from some amazing leaders in the industry such as Danny Meyers, The Ritz-Carlton, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Crucial Conversations, the Young Presidents Organization, Leadership and Self Deception, Appreciative Inquiry, The Anatomy of Peace and many, many books and articles.  We are eager to bring that knowledge to you and your organization.

To build a great company, attract and retain the best people and achieve your personal and professional goals, a great culture is more important now than ever.

Call us to find how you can get your ideal culture too!

Coming soon, we are excited to announce that we have taken our knowledge and experience of the hospitality industry, building businesses, consulting and counseling and have built a new 2 Day Culture Course specifically for Hospitality companies called High Impact Culture.  Please subscribe to our blog and newsletter for more information and upcoming announcements.


Purpose Driven, One on One Executive Coaching


Does your business ENHANCE your life satisfaction? Do you want more from your business or your life? It is possible.

Top performers in many fields are surrounded by support systems and coaches. People to push them to be the best in all areas of their life. Even the best Quarterbacks to ever live (debatable…Elway, Manning, Brady…) had many coaches – Quarterbacks Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Head Coach, Strength & Conditioning Coach, etc. etc.

We became entrepreneurs and leaders for the work, challenge and reward to ENHANCE our lives. But it can also be a lonely and unbalanced place for many. It is estimated that over 50% of CEOs have suffered depression at some point in their lives.

For years, I have hired an Executive Coach – still have one – and the High Impact it has had on my life is the reason I am now in the career I am in, still serving others, while now in a different arena of the hospitality business.

Whether an Executive Coach or a Mastermind Group such as YPO or EO, we highly encourage you take this next step in your journey. An Executive Coach is typically hired to help C-suite, VPs and other executives with setting, following and achieving personal improvement goals. These can vary from increasing productivity, developing leadership skills, managing staff, improving communication, etc. as well as being the best YOU you want to be in your life. It’s about facilitating change in someone’s (personal) behavior which will ultimately result in achieving their life, cultural and fiscal goals.

If you are interested in the next level of personal accountability to drive more purpose into your work and life, reach out to inquire about our work and training in Coaching and Counseling.

Fractional COO or Integrator


As an owner or leader, we often have the need, strength or passion to want to be focused IN our business – maybe sales, chef, culture or HR is our passion for instance. Yet, we know certain areas of our company need focus ON our business, to bring our business or team to the next level. We can provide you with Fractional COO services to do just that.

Whether getting a department up to speed, implementing a new priority or major initiative such as Culture or a Business Operating System, or training your next leader or COO, we are available to bring our years of proven hospitality leadership and executive experience to your company or team.

At a fraction of the cost of hiring a new employee, (that you are not sure will work out in such an important role), or promoting an employee (that might not be quite ready for the challenge), we can be available at a fraction of the cost or risk. And don’t worry, our role is not to be the hero of our ideas or vision, we are there to make you the best hero you can be. Think of us as the Alfred to your Superman!

Special Projects


Our experience spans leading and executing in Catering, Restaurants, Professional Sports Hospitality, Venue Management, Hotels, Destination Management, Performing Arts and Fine Arts Museums, Special Events, Corporate Gift Experiences and Incentive Travel.

If we can help with any projects, please let us know.

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